Our Partners

Our Partners

For over 20 years Willow House has been able to provide group support services at no cost to the families we serve. 
It is the through generosity of our donors and our community, corporate, private and in-kind donors.

Community Partners

Willow House owes a debt of gratitude to our community partners that have opened their doors to our peer support groups.

Corporate Funders

Willow House is so appreciative of the continued support from our corporate sponsors.  It is through corporate sponsors that
we are able to expand our reach and get to families in need sooner. 

Private Funders

Willow House is grateful for its partnership with other not-for-profit organizations that help us ensure no child grieves alone.

In-Kind Donors

Willow House is humbled by the generosity of our in-kind donors that have graciously donated supplies to make for
a meaningful Expressive Arts program.