2019 5K Age Group Results

Run For Hope 5k Results

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Age Group Results

September 08, 2019

Race held in Libertyville, IL. Results by Race Time, Inc.

Men: Top Finishers 1-11 12-15 16-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-79 80-99
Women: Top Finishers 1-11 12-15 16-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69



Female Winners

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Jennifer SchefflerGrayslake IL725237 25:03.78:05/M

Male Winners

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Michael BoehmeLibertyville IL542431 20:38.46:39/M

Girls 11 & under

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Kenzie ChristieLibertyville IL567962 37:57.712:15/M
2Sara SwansonLake Bluff IL7481171 40:27.013:03/M
3Katherine NebloHighwood IL8721188 46:14.614:55/M
4Gigi ScarpelliNiles IL7935111 54:40.017:38/M

Boys 11 & under

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1William BlackmerLibertyville IL5411011 26:26.78:32/M
2Brady GobervilleLake Bluff IL608831 31:38.010:12/M
3Alexander HernandezHighland Park IL623874 40:56.413:12/M
4Blake GobervilleLake Bluff IL607575 42:49.513:49/M
5Maximilian HernandezHighland Park IL626690 48:44.415:43/M
6Jack BruntmyerRound Lake IL5535120 55:27.217:53/M

Female 12 to 15

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Calla LermerBuffalo Grove IL6541523 29:45.89:36/M
2Maddie LewisLincolnshire IL8341233 31:52.810:17/M

Male 12 to 15

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Charles BlackmerLibertyville IL5391312 26:27.68:32/M
2Matthew LewisLincolnshire IL8351236 31:57.210:18/M
3Owen DavisChicago IL5941549 35:17.811:23/M

Female 16 to 19

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Ann PistoneChicago IL6931870 40:21.613:01/M
2Lexi CyganWadsworth IL5831880 43:35.314:04/M

Male 16 to 19

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Alex BryantLincolnshire IL8201616 27:23.38:50/M
2Diego CastañedaBeach Park IL55916127 56:18.818:10/M
3Isaac MoralesWadsworth IL86716128 58:19.018:49/M

Female 20 to 29

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Jessica MoehlingChicago IL6802729 31:21.810:07/M
2Kelly RottmanHoffman Estates IL8492037 32:07.210:22/M
3Mckenna FultonGlenview IL6062355 36:20.111:43/M
4Anna SantowskiGurnee IL8402057 36:22.311:44/M
5Emily KlettGrayslake IL6472894 49:24.815:56/M
6Megan DuffyArlington Heights IL59727102 53:35.617:17/M
7Alex HofflanderGlenview IL63323103 53:36.517:17/M
8Taylor CyganGurnee IL58822104 53:41.617:19/M
9Taylor WoodGrayslake IL77323115 54:48.917:41/M
10Corinne HornerArlington Heights IL63827130 1:00:07.319:24/M

Male 20 to 29

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1David BryantChicago IL555242 20:39.46:40/M
2Mitch CyganGurnee IL584246 24:42.37:58/M
3Patrick SchenkChicago IL7272465 39:14.712:39/M
4Jack VebberWadsworth IL8072081 43:35.714:04/M
5Ryan MoyaWadsworth IL68423118 55:20.317:51/M
6Jair CastañedaBeach Park IL56121126 56:18.518:10/M
7Jason NeumannArlington Heights IL68628129 58:20.218:49/M

Female 30 to 39

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Adrienne OlmsteadLibertyville IL6903813 26:44.28:37/M
2Sally BishopLake Bluff IL5383320 29:13.69:25/M
3Courtney BallantiniWinnetka IL5283922 29:30.99:31/M
4Brandi BuerstatteLibertyville IL7793041 33:04.310:40/M
5Charlotte ShuberOak Park IL8263043 34:15.511:03/M
6Kristen RuparChicago IL7073454 35:50.711:34/M
7Carrie BrunoKenosha WI5503167 40:03.012:55/M
8Kathleen Turner KwakLake Forest IL7633777 42:52.413:50/M
9Lisa BusseBuffalo Grove IL84430100 53:04.317:07/M
10Samantha CorbettMundelein IL57235101 53:34.217:17/M
11Carly QuickLibertyville IL70039108 54:00.417:25/M
12Aisha ShaikhLake Forest IL73437122 55:38.417:57/M

Male 30 to 39

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Brian DeyoungMundelein IL5953814 26:44.98:37/M
2Adam ReckerChicago IL7023332 31:41.410:13/M
3John GobervilleLake Bluff IL6103976 42:51.713:49/M

Female 40 to 49

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Andriana Morales866408 25:40.18:17/M
2Angela GoykeChicago IL6114117 27:48.68:58/M
3Jennifer HollensteinGrayslake IL6354519 29:06.49:23/M
4Katherine MartinezHighland Park IL6634224 30:27.09:49/M
5Gloria CastañedaBeach Park IL5604634 31:53.310:17/M
6Becky HoffmanGrayslake IL8124039 32:48.210:35/M
7Lisa CardonickGlencoe IL5584760 37:32.012:06/M
8Michelle SobleGlencoe IL7364861 37:37.312:08/M
9Caryn SwansonLake Bluff IL7474372 40:27.713:03/M
10Dawn O'FarrellChicago IL8514073 40:38.813:06/M
11Sarah GilroyDenver CO8704487 46:11.914:54/M
12Eileen McMahonHighwood IL6754889 47:02.515:10/M
13Heather HernandezHighland Park IL6244091 48:48.215:45/M
14Mee Hea HarmonLindenhurst IL6184899 52:39.016:59/M
15Allison FinkHighwood IL60344109 54:30.117:35/M
16Maureen HominickChicago IL63640114 54:47.717:40/M
17Kimberly WoodGrayslake IL77249116 55:03.717:45/M
18Janet Engle-JulianChicago IL81040123 55:41.317:58/M

Male 40 to 49

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Nathan BlackmerLibertyville IL540433 20:43.06:41/M
2Matt DistelLibertyville IL864404 21:38.46:59/M
3Juan VillafanWadsworth IL8654310 26:11.28:27/M
4Paul MeyersGurnee IL6784815 26:58.28:42/M
5Christopher PopjoyLibertyville IL6954221 29:20.79:28/M
6Peter RutmanRiver Forest IL7094926 30:49.09:56/M
7Kevin CheddaHoffman Estates IL7874038 32:44.310:34/M
8Michael HoffmanGrayslake IL8114040 32:48.910:35/M
9Pablo AlvarezHighland Park IL8684844 34:24.011:06/M
10Estuardo TorresGlenview IL7554546 34:48.311:14/M
11Dan ChristieLibertyville IL5644363 37:58.312:15/M
12Jorge NietoZion IL68944106 53:47.417:21/M
13Jeff JulianChicago IL81343112 54:43.317:39/M
14Michael HominickChicago IL63743117 55:07.317:47/M

Female 50 to 59

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Mary SchefflerGrayslake IL726559 25:56.38:22/M
2Bryn McCabeCrystal Lake IL8085027 30:57.59:59/M
3Nicolle GrasseArlington Heights IL6125228 30:57.89:59/M
4Kathy SullivanLake Bluff IL7465942 33:54.610:56/M
5Kim CarlysleBuffalo Grove IL7955045 34:29.911:07/M
6Lisa LewisLincolnshire IL8335047 34:56.211:16/M
7Laura HartungLibertyville IL6195252 35:37.911:29/M
8Mary RottmanHoffman Estates IL7065553 35:38.511:30/M
9Cary HofflanderGlenview IL6345156 36:20.611:43/M
10Sara SantowskiGurnee IL7115559 37:09.511:59/M
11Andrea BrackettGrayslake IL5445969 40:20.213:01/M
12Hawarny BecksGrayslake IL8615779 43:04.113:54/M
13Chris BeranekLake Villa IL7945082 44:13.914:16/M
14Vivki SchmidtGurnee IL7885083 44:14.714:16/M
15Christine LindhGrayslake IL6605484 46:09.214:53/M
16Deb MacHakGurnee IL8095092 48:55.615:47/M
17Joyce SiregarGurnee IL8255093 48:56.015:47/M
18Jane BryantGrayslake IL5565795 49:39.616:01/M
19Debra NietoZion IL68850105 53:42.017:19/M
20Jean DavisChicago IL59357110 54:30.517:35/M
21Shonna CyganWadsworth IL58751124 55:41.917:58/M

Male 50 to 59

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Kurt HackeWauconda IL853555 21:42.27:00/M
2Noah LermerBuffalo Grove IL6555118 27:59.29:02/M
3Sergio TorresGlenview IL7585025 30:35.89:52/M
4Chuck MoehlingMundelein IL6795230 31:22.410:07/M
5Thomas LenzChicago IL6535848 34:59.211:17/M
6Corey BarkerGurnee IL5325851 35:29.311:27/M
7Glenn DavisChicago IL5915268 40:04.412:55/M
8Susan Duncan-MoehlingMundelein IL5995285 46:09.914:53/M
9Peter KlettGrayslake IL8185096 49:40.216:01/M
10Jeff BakerNorthbrook IL5265798 50:47.616:23/M
11Ernie ScarpelliNiles IL72253113 54:45.617:40/M

Female 60 to 69

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Shari DalzielGrayslake IL5906266 39:31.412:45/M
2Susan Rote-KayLibertyville IL7056278 42:53.213:50/M
3Judy GrossLake Bluff IL6156097 49:40.816:01/M
4April ThomasLake Bluff IL79669121 55:31.317:55/M

Male 60 to 69

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Daniel DalzielGrayslake IL5896350 35:28.711:26/M
2Jim HawarnyGrayslake IL8626058 36:30.211:46/M
3Rick ShickAlgonquin IL8056064 38:43.012:29/M
4Donald GrossLake Bluff IL6146286 46:11.614:54/M
5Rich CyganHuntley IL58561119 55:20.817:51/M

Male 70 to 79

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Fred SteinerWaukegan IL7447435 31:54.610:17/M
2Edward KovenHighland Park IL80270107 53:48.117:21/M

Male 80 and Over

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Richard FreemanHighland Park IL86386125 56:17.918:09/M

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